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  Paolo Conte's Original Soundtrack for 'Scaramouche (2007/10/13)
In the next season, Italian theaters will show 'Scaramouche' by companies 'Casa degli Alfieri', 'Teatro degli Acerbi' and 'Asti Teatro 29'.
This piece was written in 1983, author and director is Luciano Nattino and, most important thing, has original soundtrack by Paolo Conte, coming from Asti as theatrical companies involved.
I do not know at the moment any news about a record with those musics.

Next album in 2008 ? (2007/10/07)
In a long interview of Paolo Conte in Sunday Edition of Milan newspaper 'Il Giornale' Paolo Conte speaks about next album.
"It will come out in the next year but I don't know exactly when".
We are waiting.

Paolo Conte plays on record from Marlene Kuntz (2007/10/01)
Last album from Italian band Marlene Kuntz has a very special collaboration. Paolo Conte plays piano on track 'Musa'.
Is this the second time in a very short period that Paolo appears on some other musician album.
First one was in 'Danson Metropoli' a tribute album by Avion Travel where he sings in 'Elisir' together with Gianna Nannini.

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